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The distribution of Carettochelys insculpta



As it is clear from the distribution map above, Carettochelys insculpta inhabits the south-flowing rivers of Irian Jaya (Indonesia) and Papua New Guinea and the top of Northern Territory (Australia). The boundaries of the distribution are as follows:

North: 5°S

South: 16°S

West: 128°E

East: 145°E

The three maps below show the records and possible records of Carettochelys insculpta in the rivers of Northern Territory (Australia), Papua New Guinea and Irian Jaya.

Map 1

Distribution of Carettochelys insculpta in Northern Territory

The Rivers


Daly (Cogger, 1970; Cann, 1972; Webb et al., 1986; Georges, 1987)

South Alligator (Schodde et al., 1972; Legler, 1980, 1982; Press, 1986)

East Alligator (Georges et al., 1989)

Victoria drainages (Cogger, 1975; Jessie Roberts, pers. comm.)

Possible records:

Darwin, Adelaide, McKinlay and Roper (Cann, 1972; John Bywater, pers, comm.)

Map 2

Distribution of Carettochelys insculpta in Papua New Guinea


Strickland (Ramsay, 1886; Waite, 1905)

Fly (Boulenger, 1898; Waite, 1905)

Morehead (Longman, 1913)

Aramia, Omati (Slater, 1961)

Binaturi (Rhodin and Rhodin, 1977)

Purari (Pernetta and Burgin, 1980)

Kikori (Rose, 1981)

Possible records:

Vailala (Rose, unpublished)

Map 3

Distribution of Carettochelys insculpta in Irian Jaya (West Papua)


Setekwa (Boulenger, 1914)

Heron (de Rooy, 1922)

Other southern flowing rivers (Cann, 1974, 1978, 1980)

Possible records:

See the map