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The taxonomy of the Emydura genus


Scientific name Described Common name
Emydura australis Gray, 1841 Australian Big Headed Turtle
Emydura subglobosa subglobosa Krefft, 1876 Red-bellied Turtle
Emydura subglobosa worrelli Wells and Wellington, 1985 Diamond Head Turtle
Emydura victoriae Gray, 1842 Northern Red-faced Turtle
Emydura tanybaraga

Cann, 1997 Yellow-faced Turtle
Emydura macquarii macquarii Gray, 1831 Murray River Turtle
Emydura macquarii krefftii Gray, 1871 Krefft's River Turtle
Emydura macquarii emmotti Cann, et al, 2003 Cooper Creek Turtle
Emydura macquarii nigra

McCord, et al, 2003 Fraser Island Turtle

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The taxonomy above has been provided by Scott Thomson and is valid as of 15/08/2003.


Relationships within the Emydura

Phylogeny of the Emydura adapted from Georges and Thomson (2004).

© Jan Matiaska and Scott Thomson, 2003