Carettochelys.com is a site dedicated to the accurate and up to date information on Gondwanan Turtles of the families Chelidae; Pelomedusidae and Carettochelydidae. We are building an extensive PDF library where you can download scientific papers on these species and also present a significant number of these papers in web form where we can do so.

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Jul 06, 2016

Our central mission is to be a source of information. Sources on anything to do with these turtles wether that be the scientific study or the captive husbandry of them. We strive for accuracy and accountability to that accuracy. Hence where possible all information is cited and those publications are available here.



Oct 10, 2014
Reptile Names Blog...

I have decided it would be a useful venture to write a blog, it is called Reptile Names and is my attempt to bring the scientific nomenclature for reptiles and that of other interested parties together. A dual nomenclature serves no purpose and helps no one. So I am trying to work with the various interested parties and discuss difficult areas. I have so far written several pieces for the blog, I welcome comments and questions from anyone.

Scott Thomson



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31/05/2016 - Australian Science Channel
Today I published my second blog article for The Australian Science Channel this one is about the importance of actually naming a species correctly and the difference between taxonomy and nomenclature.
If you’re so keen on saving it, first you have to name it. >>

March 11 2016 - Australian Science Channel
This is my first blog for the Australian Science Channel it is on the difficulties enbcountered with different datasets and the changes of names over time.
How hard can it be to name a turtle? >>

May 12, 2014

Well am finally based in Brazil at the Museum of Zoology in Sao Paulo. I am now going to continue work on updating this site. Of note to those who find literature hard to find I have uploaded my pdf library to dropbox and am slowly linking it all on the literature page. You will be able to download any pdf's I have stored there. There are several hundred of them so give me time. Anyone who would like sharing privelages for the dropbox library send me an e-mail.

Scott Thomson