One of the most important things to understand when undertaking an interest in the taxonomy of a group of species is the basis for the nomenclature, or the names we give the species. Nomenclature develops, causes arguments and all in all can appear quite random. However, if you look to the original literature and apply the strict rules of taxonomy, avoid you personal preferences you can see what is going on.

On the following pages you will find the complete nomenclature of the Carettochelydae and the Chelidae turtles. This is a work in progress so please come back if you think anything is missing.

To explain what it means a bit. The genera have been corrected as per modern usage (this is not standard in taxonomy but easier to read) The next column is the "Senior Synonym" or what you should be calling this. This means the name to the left has been "sunk" or synonymised with the name to the right. I then give the holotype, locality data and the citiation of the original description.

Although it is by no means all the information you need it is a starting point for anyone wishing to look at the taxonomy of a group. To do a decent study you must have the original description, examine the types, have the most recent reviews and a good dataset of the wild populations.

Suborder: Cryptodira


Suborder: Pleurodira

Family: Chelidae